Classe di Scienze fisiche, matematiche e naturali
professore emerito, già ordinario di Chimica fisica nell’Università di Torino

Socio corrispondente dal 19/05/2004 per scienze e tecnologie dei materiali
Socio nazionale residente dal 06/04/2016
Nato a Acquafredda (BS) il 05/09/1936

Curriculum vitae

A.Zecchina, born in 1936, took the degree in Chemistry in 1960 at the University of Turin where he became assistant at the chair of Physical Chemistry in 1965 and assistant professor in 1967.

Since 1976 he is full professor of Physical Chemistry in the same University where he teaches Physical Chemistry, Catalysis and Physical Chemistry of Materials.

In 1972-73 he spent a sabbatical year at the University of Bath (England) under the scientific supervision of prof. Stone. He has also spent a six month research period at UIB in 1995. He has been president of the Italian Physical Chemistry Society in 1994-1988. He has been president of the Council of Industrial Chemistry and Material Science degree courses.

Actually he is coordinator of the Material Science PHD course of Turin University. He is member of the Board of the Italian Catalysis group, of the Board of the Italian Zeolites Association, of the Ownership Council of the Faraday Society, of the scientific board of the INSTM Consorzio where he is directing the Thin films and surfaces sector. He has been member of the International Advisory board of Faraday Transactions in 1993-96 and of the Editorial board in 1996-98. In 1980 he has been awarded with the Bourke Medal of the Faraday Society and in 2003 with the Targa Fauser of the Italian Chemical Society. From 1998 to 2005 he has been member of the evaluation council of Torino University and since 2003 he has been designated as president of the same board.

He is coauthor of about 300 papers (included three reviews) published on International Journals of Physical Chemistry, Chemical Physics, Catalysis and Surface Science. These papers have received more than 7500 citations, a fact which classifying his scientific contribution as one of the most prominent in Italy. The scientific productivity is constant along the years and is still very intense.

His studies are mainly devoted to the investigation by means of spectroscopic methods of the surface and catalytic properties of oxides, zeolites and microporous oxidic systems and the results has been presented in many plenary lectures of international congresses and workshops.

From 2003 he is Director of the Excellence Centre Nanostructured Surfaces and interfaces (NIS) financed by the Ministry of Education and Reseach (MIUR).


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