Ferdinando ROSSI

Classe di Scienze fisiche, matematiche e naturali
ordinario di Neuroscienze nell’Università di Torino; preside della Facoltà di Psicologia

Socio corrispondente dal 14/04/2010 per scienze della biologia animale e dell'uomo
Nato a Torino il 03/08/1960
Deceduto a Torino il 24/01/2014

Curriculum vitae

1985. MD degree at the University of Turin with a thesis in Human Physiology on "Morphology of Purkinje cell axon terminals in the intracerebellar nuclei following inferior olive lesion" (supervisor Prof. P. Strata).
1986-1989: Ph.D. student in "Neurological Sciences", University of Turin. Collaboration with Leif Wiklund (CNRS, Gif-sur-Yvette) and Han van der Want (The Netherlands Ophthalmic Research Institute, Amsterdam) in a thesis project on plasticity in the adult cerebellum.
1990. Ph.D. degree with a thesis on "Post-lesion plasticity in the olivocerebellar system of the adult rat" (supervisor Prof. P. Strata).
1990. Fellowship from Sigma Tau Foundation.
1990-1998. Assistant professor at the Department of Human Anatomy and Physiology (Neuroscience since 1996), University of Torino. "Ricercatore Confermato" since 1993.
1993-1994: on sabbatical leave at the INSERM U-106 (Paris), to work with Dr. C. Sotelo on development and plasticity in the rodent cerebellum.
1998-1999. Associate Professor of Neurobiology at the Department of Neuroscience, University of Turin.
1999-. Full Professor of Neurophysiology at the Department of Neuroscience, University of Turin.
2008-: President of the Society for Research on the Cerebellum (SRC)

Member of:
European Neuroscience Association
Society for Neuroscience
International Brain Research Organization
European Brain and Behaviour
Society Società Italiana di Neuroscienze
Società Italiana di Fisiologia


Main research interests

Mechanisms of neural progenitor specification during nervous system development (cerebellum).
Neural transplantation and rewiring of neural circuits Stem cells and cell replacement therapies in models of neurodegeneration.
Axon regeneration in the central nervous system.
Intrinsic and extrinsic mechanisms in the control of developmental neuritic growth and of structural and reparative plasticity in the adult nervous system.



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