Classe di Scienze fisiche, matematiche e naturali
Geologo, fondatore della Società geologica di Londra

Socio corrispondente dal 6 gennaio 1839
Deceduto il 2 aprile 1855


He was educated at Eton, and Pembroke College, Cambridge, and the University of Gottingen. He represented in Parliament the disfranchised borough of Gatton from 1807 to 1812. His love of science, however, outweighed all political attractions; and in the year 1807, conjointly with some scientific friends, he founded the Geological Society, for the cultivation of mineralogy and geology in a more special manner than that in which it was entertained by the Royal Society. Mr. Greenough became its first president, and filled that office subsequently on two occasions. The society held its earliest meetings at the house of Dr. Babington, then in Bedford-street, and afterwards in Lincoln's-Inn Fields, and at Somerset House; a Royal Charter was not granted to the society till 1826.

Mr. Greenough has left many MSS. on scientific subjects, but published little; his Critical Examination of the First Principles of Geology, published in 1819, was thought highly of at the time, but is now antiquated. His fame rests chiefly on his Geological Map of England and Wales, and another Map entitled A General Sketch of the Physical Features of British India, which was exhibited before the Asiatic Society, and received the highest praise of Sir R. Murchison.

Mr. Greenough was on his way to Constantinople and the East in prosecution of further geographical researches, when he was detained at Naples by a dropsical attack, which ultimately proved fatal. He was a geologist of the old school; one who built his knowledge on ascertained facts, and eschewed theories, until they had been tested by experience. He was twice a Vice-President of the Royal Society; he was also a Fellow of the Linnaean, Ethnological, Astronomical, and Geographical Societies; of the latter he held the presidentship for two years.

He was a personal friend of Murchison, De la Beche, Conybeare, Buckland, and Sedgwick ; and his scientific friends will not readily forget his agreeable weekly receptions at his house in Parliament-street, and at his villa in the Regent's Park, built by 1). Burton, Esq.


tratta da E. Walford, Hardwicke's Annual biography


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A critical examination of the first principles of geology, Londra, 1819

Memoir of a geological map of England,  Londra, 1840

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