Classe di Scienze morali, storiche e filologiche
Professore emerito, già ordinario di Egittologia nell'Università di Heidelberg

Socio straniero dal 17/04/2012
Nato a Langelsheim (Germania) il 07/07/1938

Curriculum vitae   

Professor of Egyptology at Heidelberg from 1976 until 2003. Since 2005 Honorary Professor of Religious and Cultural Studies at Constance. Visiting professor at Paris: Collège de France (1988), Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (1998); Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes (1999); Chaire du Louvre (2009); Yale University (1988, 2002, 2003), Rice University (Oct 2000); Chicago (2007); Hebrew University, Jerusalem (1990), Dormitio Abbey, Jerusalem (1996, 2000); Fondazione San Carlo, Modena (May 2000).

Main fields of research: Ancient Egyptian literature and religion in the context of Comparative Literature and Religious Studies, Egyptian funerary beliefs and practices, Theban tombs of the Ramesside period; cultural theory (especially „cultural memory); history of religion, especially the rise of monotheism in the ancient world; early modern concepts of Egyptian culture („Egyptomania).

Member of the Academy of Sciences and Humanities Heidelberg, the Academia Europea and the European Academy of Arts and Sciences; corr. member of the German Archaeological Institute since 1973; Fellow, Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin (1984/85); Scholar, Getty Center for the History of Arts and the Humanities (1994/95); fellow, C.F. von Siemens-Stiftung Munich (1998/99), IFK, Vienna (2004)

Awards: Max-Planck-Forschungspreis 1996; Deutscher Historikerpreis 1998. Prix Psyché 2000; Alfried Krupp Forschungspreis für Geisteswissenschaften (2006);  Prix Européen de l'Essai Charles Veillon (2008); Bundesverdienstkreuz I. Klasse (2005); D. theol.h.c. (Münster, 1998), PhD h.c. (Yale, 2004), PhD h.c. (Hebrew University, Jerusalem, 2005)


Select Bibliography

45 monographs; in English: Solar Religion in the New Kingdom, (London 1995); The Search for God in Ancient Egypt (Ithaca 2000); The Mind of Egypt. History and Meaning in the Time of the Pharaohs (New York 2002, Cambridge, Mass. 2003); Moses the Egyptian. The Memory of Egypt in Western Monotheism (Cambridge, Mass. 1997); Death and Salvation in Ancient Egypt (Ithaca 2005); Religion and Cultural Memory (Stanford 2007) Of God and Gods. Egypt, Israel and the Rise of Monotheism (Madison 2008); The Price of Monotheism (Stanford 2009); Cultural Memory and Early Civilization (Cambridge 2011).



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