Jean André Henri LUCAS

Classe di Scienze fisiche, matematiche e naturali

Socio corrispondente dal 12/12/1813
Nato a Parigi il 1780
Deceduto a Parigi il 06/02/1825

Cenni Biografici   

Lucas spent much of his youthful free time roaming the Musuém d'Histoire Naturelle in Paris and reading G.L. Buffon's monumental Histoire Naturelle (Paris, 1743-93). He decided early on to pursue a career in natural history and most especially mineralogy. He became officially associated with the Muséum Histoire Naturelle in Paris as a curator and purchasing agent. Because of his extensive knowledge, Lucas was hired to replace E.L.M. Patrin as editor of Déterville's Nouveau Dictionnaire de Historie Naturelle (36 vols., Paris, 1816-9). In this capacity, Lucas performed the job with skill, correcting many of his predecessor's errors, and proving himself a very able naturalist. He became interested in the study of Italian volcanoes, particularly those near Naples and on the Island of Sicily. He published first hand accounts of the eruptions of Mt. Ætna and Vesuvius.


Pubblicazioni consultabili on-line

Tableau méthodique des espèces minérales (vol. I), Paris, 1806

De la minéralogie, Paris, 1818


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