Classe di Scienze fisiche, matematiche e naturali
professore emerito, già ordinario di Geotecnica nel Politecnico di Torino

Socio corrispondente dal 27/03/1991 per scienze tecniche
Socio nazionale residente dal 18/04/2012
Nato a Stryj (Polonia) il 21/07/1932

Curriculum vitae


M.S. in Soil Mechanics and Engineering Geology, Warsaw Technical University, 1959.

Postgraduate studies

Technical University of Torino (Italy); University of Keiv (URSS) University of Laval, Quebec (Canada); MIT, Cambridge (USA)


Educational Institutions: Professor of Geotechnical Engineering at the Technical University of Torino in period 1969-2006 In year 1979, one of the promoter of the first Ph.D .programme in Geotechnical Engineering in Italy. At present, Emeritus Professor of Civil Engineering, Technical University of Torino.
Industrial Chairman of the Engineering Consulting Company, Studio Geotecnico Italiano, 1964-present

Selected scientific and professional recognitions

• President of the International Society for Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering; Term 1994-1997
• Chairman of the International Committee for the Safeguard if the Leaning Tower of Pisa; 1990-2001
• President of the International Board of Experts for the Development of the second world largest Zelazny Most Copper Mine Tailings Pond, KGHM Lublin, Poland; 1992-present • Corresponding member of the Lagrangian Society of Science;
• Foreign Associate of US National Academy of Engineering
• Corresponding member of the Polish Academy of Science; Editor in Chief of the International Journal Geomechnics and Geoengineering
• Associate Internal Editor of the Soils and Rock International Journal
• Member of the International Advisory Group of the European Bank for the Reconstruction and Development for the New Shelter of the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant, Ukraine; 1998-present.

, Awards
Recipient of the De Beer Prize assigned by the Belgian Geotechnical Society; 1994-1998
Honorary Professor Academia Sinica of Guangzhou, China
Doctor of Science (Honoris Causa) in Civil Engineering, Technical University of Bucharest, Romania
Doctor in Civil Engineering (Honoris Causa) Ghent University, Belgium
Honorable International Member of the Japanese Geotechnical Society; 1998-present
2001 Recipient of the ASCE Karl Terzaghi Award 2001 Recipient of the Italian Prize Savior of the Art 2005-present Foreign Associate US National Academy of Engineering
2005 Award Recipient from the Japanese Geotechnical Society for the best JGS 2003 Paper (The Stabilization of the Leaning Tower of Pisa)
2005 Ralph B. Peck Lecture Award (ASCE)


Selected Invited Lectures
1979, General Report, VII ECSMFE, Brighton, UK
1983, General Report, VIII ECSMFE, Helsinki, Finland 1985, Theme Lecturer at the XI International Conference SMFE, San Francisco
1986, James Forrest Lecture, ICE, London, UK
1991, Cross Canada Lecture Tour. Can. Geotechnical Society
1994, John Buchanan Lecturer, University of Texas at Austin
1997, Manuel Rocha Lecture, Portuguese Geotechnical. Society
1998, Schiffman Lecture, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
2000, George Hendris Memorial Lecturer, University of Western Australia, Perth
2001, XV ICSMGE Istanbul,Terzaghi Oration 2001, Arrigo Croce Lecturer, Italian Geotechnical Society
2002, Szechy Memorial Lecture, Hungarian Geotech. Society
2002, Kersten Lecture, 50th Annual Geotechnical Conf. University
2004, Keynote Lecturer, Skempton Conference, 2004, Keynote Lecturer, Skempton Memorial Conference on Advances in Geotechnical Engineering. Imperial College, London UK
2004, Keynote Lecturer 15th SEAGC, Bangkok,
2006, Ralph B. Lecture, Geo-Institute ASCE, GeorgiaTech Atlanta
2006, 1st Lymon Reese Lecture, University of Texas at Austin 2006, 4th G.A. Leonards Lecture, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Ind.
2007, XIV ECSMFE, Madrid, Special Lecture
2007 Ohio River Valley Soils Seminar,
2008 ASCE Special Publication Honoring J.H. Schmertmann
2008, State of the Art Lecture XXIV Reuniòn Nacional de Mecànica de Suolo-Aguascalientes.
2008, Port and Airport Research Institute, Tokyo 2009, XVII ICSMGE, Great Project Lecturer, Alexandria
2010, 1st Za-Chie Moh Lecture , XVII SEAGC, Taipei 2010, Key note Lecture GEOMOS 2010, Moscow
2011, 3rd Victor de Mello lecture, Lisbona



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