Wolfgang RINDLER

Classe di Scienze fisiche, matematiche e naturali
già professore ordinario di Fisica teorica nella University of Texas (Dallas)

Socio straniero dal 17/05/2000
Nato a Vienna il 18/05/1924
Deceduto il 08/02/2019

Curriculum vitae

Rindler gained his B.Sc. and M.Sc. from Liverpool University and his Ph.D. from Imperial College, London. He worked at Liverpool University, London University, Cornell University, Southwest Center for Advanced Studies before working at the University of Texas at Dallas.

Over the years Professor Rindler has contributed to the study of horizons in cosmology, to the toy-black-hole wedge in flat spacetime, to the application of spinors and twistors in general relativity, to aspects of Mach's principle and especially to anti-Mach phenomena, to the topology of exact gravitational waves and of the big bang, to novel phase space representations of the Friedman cosmologies, to calculational devices in axisymmetric spacetimes, and more. He also authored or co-authored seven books, several of which have been translated into foreign languages (Russian, Japanese, etc.)


Selected papers

1. W.Rindler, 2002. Visual horizons in world models. (Reprint, with commentary, of the original 1956 MNRAS paper, now in the Golden Oldie series.) Gen.Rel.and Grav.,34: 131.

2. W.Rindler, 2000. Finite foliations of open FRW universes and the point-like big bang. Physics Letters, A276, 52.

3. Rindler and I. Robinson, 1998. A plain man's guide to bivectors, biquaternions, and the algebra and geometry of Lorentz transformations. In On Einstein's Path, A.Harvey, ed., Soringer-Verlag, New York.

4. W.Rindler, 1994. The Lense-Thirring effect exposed as anti-Machian. Physics Letters, A187: 236.

5. W.Rindler and V.Perlick, 1990. Rotating coordinates as tools for calculating circular geodesics and gyroscopic precession. Gen.Rel.and Grav., 22: 1067.

6. W.Rindler, 1981. Public and private space-curvature in Robertson-Walker universes. Gen.Rel.and Grav., 13: 457.

7. J.Ehlers, R.Penrose, and W.Rindler, 1965. Energy conservation as the basis of relativistic mechanics (II). Am.J.Phys., 33: 995.


Selected Books

1. W.Rindler, 2001. Relativity: Special, General, and Cosmological. Oxford University Press.

2. R.Penrose and W.Rindler, 1984 (Vol I),1986 (Vol II). Spinors and Spacetime. Cambridge University Press.



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