Memorie della Classe di Scienze morali, vol. 42 fasc. 1 (2018)

Edoardo Detoma, An Easter Date Calendar in Ravenna 

ISBN: 978-88-99471-13-2, 73 pp., € 9.00


Introduction, p. 4

Historicalbackground, p. 6
Dates related to the Passion of Christ: Passover and Nisan XIIII , p. 6
Quartodecimans: Passion or Resurrection, p. 7
First Easter tables, p. 8
Limits for the occurrence of the equinox, p. 9
Alexandrian rules, p. 9
Paschal tables and luni-solar cycles, p. 10
Intercalated lunar months: embolisms, p. 12
«Saltus lunae», p. 12
Correlation with the weekday, p. 13
Final construction of the 19-year cycle, p. 13
The appearance of a 95-year cycle, p. 15
The contribution of Victorius of Aquitaine, p. 16
The work of Dionysus Exiguous, p. 19

Commentary and translation, p. 21
Time span covered by the table, p. 21
Structure of the calendar, p. 22
Epigraphy, p. 23
Contents, p. 24

APPENDIX: Mathematical Structure of the Ravenna and Bede’s Tables, p. 47
Lunar cycles in the medieval computus, p. 47
Structure of the Bede’s Tables, p. 48
Computation of the Indiction, p. 48
Computation of the Lunar Epact, p. 49
Age of the Moon of the fi rst day of each month (lunar regulars), p. 50
Concurrents (or Solar Epacts), p. 54
Tha Lunar Cycle, p. 57
Computation of the Fourteenth Moon of Easter, p. 66
Easter Sunday, p. 69
Computation of the age of the Moon at Easter, p. 72

Acknowledgments, p. 73

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