Quaderni n. 35 (2020)

Volume monografico dal titolo The Role of Academies in Sustaining European Knowledge Societiesin Times of Crisis, a cura di Massimo Mori, € 15,00

With the patronage of Consiglio Regionale del Piemonte and Allea

ISBN 9788899471262


The Academy of Sciences of Turin on 7-8 November 2019 organized, in collaboration with ALLEA, a conference on The Role of Academies in Sustaining European Knowledge Societies in Times of Crisis. The conference belongs to a series of meetings on the subject Europe on Test: Narratives of Union and Disunion.


Introduction, by Massimo Mori, 5



European Academies and European Values, by Antonio Loprieno, 11

The Impact of Academies on European Identity, by Giuliano Amato, 17

Challenges and Tasks for Today’s Academies, by Günter Stock, 21

Academies, Interdisciplinary Research, Europe, by Antonio Padoa Schioppa, 29

Academies and the Information-Rich Society, by Jüri Engelbrecht , 37

Prospects for the Academy of Sciences of Turin, by Alberto Piazza, 45



Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms: the Voice of Academies, by Vladimiro Zagrebelsky, 53

Academy and European Industrial Development, by Licia Mattioli, 59

In Defence of the Environment: a European Academic Prospective, by Guido Saracco and Patrizia Lombardi, 67

Europe and the Migration Dilemma, by Massimo Livi Bacci, 79

Protecting Cultural Heritage: a Challenge for Our Time and the Role of European Academies, by Salvatore Settis, 87

Academies and the Defence of European National Languages, by Jürgen Trabant, 97

Academies and the Public: Some Historical Reflections, by Jürgen Osterhammel, 107


Authors, 125


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