Book collections

Among the most valuable donations are the foreign works collected by Count Carlo Vidua during his many travels, from Russia to Mexico, from Egypt to southern Asia; the books “prohibited by the Sacred Roman College” that belonged to the collector Carlo Giacinto Caissotti di Chiusano; the Hebrew, Greek and Latin publications of philanthropist Carlo Tancredi Falletti di Barolo; the books on history and law belonging to Federico Sclopis; the books on military matters from Colonel Ottavio Fornaca; the collection of the literature of Piedmont amassed by Vincenzo Armando; the large, wide-ranging collection of the industrialist Ambrogio della Chà.

The volumes possessed by the Academy also include works that have been obtained through exchanges with prestigious academies and institutions of culture in Europe and other parts of the world, including the Academies of Paris, Berlin and Göttingen, the Royal Society of London, the Imperial Academy of Saint Petersburg, the Asiatic Society of Calcutta and the Academies of Boston and Philadelphia.