The History Of Our Publications

The private Turin Society, the original nucleus of the Academy of Sciences, in 1759 gave the press the first volume of the Miscellanea philosophico – matematica Societatis privatae Taurinensis.

The Miscellanea is the beginning of the Memorie, the oldest among the academic publications. The Miscellanea includes also two ‘’memorie’’ of the young Lagrange: the Recherches sur la méthode de maximis et minimis and the Recherches sur la nature et la propagation du son.

In the following two decades, four volumes followed the first one, entitled Mélanges de philosophie et de mathématique, with the collaboration of foreign scholars like the mathematician Leonhard Euler and the naturalist Albert Haller.

The Royal Academy instituted by Vittorio Amedeo III went on with the publishing  of scientific essays, creating the “Mémoires de l’Académie Royal des Sciences de Turin” series.

Until 1961 these Memorie were published in only one volume: the first part was reserved for Physics, Mathematics and Natural Sciences the second one for the  class of Moral, Historical and Philological Science. Later The Academy decided to publish distinct volumes for the two Classes.

In 1865 the Atti of the gathering of the classes were published , in addition to the Memorie. This series includes, in addition to the memorandums of the meeting, of the notes presented by Members and their partners during the academic sessions.

Until 1927(vol.62) the Atti included the Notes of both of the Classes with no distinction; they first split in two parts and then in the two series which still exist today.


Today’s publishing

For over two centuries the Academy of Sciences was aimed at contributing to the scientific and cultural progress promoting researches and taking care of the publications in its own periodicals, series and monographs.

Periodicals, series and monographic publications

The Academy publishes its Members’ studies in the series Memorie, Atti and Quaderni and its  own catalogues with the publisher Olschki.

The list identifies the various types of publications published by the Academy.

  • Memorie

The longest writings, which are presented and approved by the competent Class during the academic year, are published in Memorie.

  • Atti

The notes presented during the academic year and approved by the competent Class are published in the Atti.

Starting with vol. 142 (2008), the series of the official Atti has become part of the Atti of the singular Classes, those include also the annual report of the President, the inaugural lesson of the academic year and the texts of the commemoration of the deceased Members. The end of the volume is a short recapitulatory section of the meetings of the United Classes and singular Classes.

  • Quaderni

ISSN: 1125-0402

In 1995 the series of the Notebooks was created to collect documents of public academic activities.

The texts of the scientific and humanistic conferences of the Academy also became part of these series, in particular the ones of the cycle of the “Mercoledì dell'Accademia”, to encourage a larger knowledge and fruition.

  • Academy’s books

Since 2005 the Academy of Sciences publishes the book series "The Academy’s books", in collaboration with the Olschiki publishing house to promote its own book series and archival collections. For the purchase it's necessary to address directly the editor.

  • Monographs

 Over the centuries the Academy has published on its own several monographs, which are still available in stock. The Academy publishes the acts of its own conferences also with other editors, in order to ensure a wider distribution.

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