From 1783 to today there have been more than 3,000 members of the Academy of Sciences. Over the centuries these have included very different sorts of figures, both by vocation and by conviction. All of them have taken part in the life of the Academy and have contributed to its evolution, to its prestige and to the furthering of its goals, fully in keeping with the motto Veritas et Utilitas.

Members are divided between two Classes, the Class of Physical, Mathematical and Natural Sciences, and the Class of Moral, Historical and Philological Sciences. Each of the two Classes has a director and a secretary.

Within each Class there are Italian members, both resident and non-resident, foreign members and corresponding members. Italian members are responsible for the election by cooptation of new members up to the maximum number allowed in the statute.

Members meet periodically. Sessions of a scientific nature can be attended by all members, while the sessions of the assembly and the United Classes, the body assigned to deliberate questions of a general nature, elect directors and discuss and approve the budget, can only be attended by Italian members.

The Presidential Council oversees the conservation of the Academy’s holdings, its administration, and the coordination of scientific activities. The Council is composed of the President, the Vice President, the Treasurer, and by the Directors and Secretaries of the two Classes.

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